RVM has recorded and produced a number of DVD’s to spread the message of Positive Living. His DVD’s are highly inspiring and can be kept as a guide to live a life of Happiness. His DVD’s are charged up with Positive energy and are sure to keep you captivated.

Some of his motivating DVD’s include:


headingbook iwbh

Who doesn’t want to be Happy? Everybody wants Happiness. Discover 6 simple steps that guarantee Happiness. Yes, it is possible to be Happy all the time, no matter what. RVM reveals the secret for you. This DVD unveils how you can live a life of Happiness, a life of everlasting joy and blissful contentment.

succsex suv

RVM unravels a 2000 years old secret! Discover Success through Sex. This DVD will guide you and show you how you can achieve great success in your bedroom as well as your boardroom. A technique used by some of the most successful people in the world is now available for you too.

mlf dvd

Evolve from Joy and Bliss, to Contentment and Fulfillment. This DVD will help you understand the true meaning of life. It will teach you how you must make each day a day of Celebration and enjoy every moment of life. This DVD will aid you to start on a new journey that will lead you to a fulfilling life.

100dq dq

This DVD is a collection of 100 quotes that can truly transform your life. RVM himself explains the essence and meaning of 100 profound quotes that he has written himself. This DVD is like a friend and a mentor that can guide you through your days. However be your day, this DVD can definitely help you alleviate your mood.